Heinz Ludwig, MD

Professor of Internal Medicine and Haemato-Oncology
Wilhelminen Cancer Research Institute
Vienna, Austria

Dr. Heinz Ludwig is Professor of Internal Medicine and Haemato-Oncology and chairs the Wilhelminen Cancer Research Institute at the Department of Medicine I, Centre for Oncology and Haematology, Wilhelminenspital, Vienna, Austria.

Dr. Ludwig has served as president of ESMO and is on the board of international directors of ASCO. At present, he is a member of the board of the International Myeloma Foundation, of the National Health Council of Vienna, and president of the Austrian Forum Against Cancer. In addition, Dr. Ludwig serves as peer reviewer of several international journals and has published a large number of scientific articles. He is a strong supporter of patient’s interests and patient’s rights. Under his initiative, an international charter of cancer patient’s rights has been published under the auspices of ASCO, the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CISCO), and ESMO.

Dr. Ludwig’s research interests span the field of therapeutics in hematology and medical oncology. His research focuses on the biological and clinical aspects of multiple myeloma (MM), as well as on the analysis of factors associated with anemia and the treatment of anemia in cancer patients. He led several investigator sponsored clinical trials in MM and participated in many studies. Within the International Myeloma Working Group, he has contributed to several position papers. Presently, his team is evaluating the role of certain signal transduction molecule inhibitors in MM cell lines and in MM bearing mice. Furthermore, he is running academic trials with ixazomib and others with carfilzomib-combination regimens and is participating in several international studies.

Last modified: March 23, 2021