Membership Benefits

Managing Myeloma is an educational initiative dedicated to developing tools, information, and resources that support improved therapeutic outcomes for patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Managing Myeloma is supported by independent educational grants from multiple pharmaceutical supporters.

    The Managing Myeloma ever-expanding library of resources includes:

  • Up-to-date information from meetings and journals
  • Clinical commentaries and FAQs from experts in multiple myeloma
  • Practice Support Cases
  • In the news updates to better prepare practitioners for questions their patients may ask
  • Multimedia CE Programs
  • Bi-monthly updates highlighting newly posted information
  • Participate in practice surveys, compare your practices to your colleagues and listen to expert analysis of your practice preferences
  • A unique comprehensive set of multiple myeloma treatment resource tools designed for and by professionals

Managing Myeloma works with a distinguished panel of clinical experts, senior members are primarily International Myeloma Work Group (IMWG) members, from academic and community practice. These oncologists, oncology pharmacists, oncology nurses and clinical researchers provide care to patients with multiple myeloma. On an ongoing basis, we will develop practical, real-world resources that support appropriate assessment, diagnosis, management, and monitoring of patients with multiple myeloma.

 At Managing Myeloma, you can:

  • Research a specific question related to your patient
  • Download practical, one of a kind tools and resources for managing your multiple myeloma patients: including practice support cases as well as the Myeloma Treatement Resource (MTR) tools which include a HIPA compliant dose scheduling calendar, the world's only Compendium of Myeloma Drug Regimens, a Diagnosis, Risk-Stratification, and Respons Assessment reference resource and a suite of calculators
  • Remain current with new recruiting clinical trials in your area as well as highlighted studies through the Clinical Trial Awareness Program
  • Earn CME, CPE and CNE credits by watching streaming videos, downloading audio files, or reading engaging newsletters
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest peer-reviewed literature, on expert opinions, and on breaking news in the management of multiple myeloma  
  • Search Managing Myeloma’s archives for topics that meet your needs and clinical interests
  • Join forums and share your practice questions and insights with your colleagues
  • Remain up-to-date with live National meeting proceedings
  • Become a member of the world's largest community of myeloma specialists dedicated to improving patient care! 

Access to the latest multiple myeloma management educational programs, resources and clinical tools is restricted to health care professionals and Managing Myeloma members only. If you are not a Managing Myeloma member, then please click on the link at the bottom of the page to complete your registration form and gain access to this wealth of information.  Membership is free and your personal information is never shared with other parties!